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International Day of Philosophy, 2011 in the organization of New Acropolis Hungary – summary

2012. január 24.
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In November 2011 New Acropolis Hungary joined the celebration of philosophy, organized all around the world, with a variety of programs all dedicated to promote philosophical reflection and philosophy as an active attitude to life in the people of all ages. Around one thousand persons participated in 22 different activities throughout Hungary.

This year the program of activities included two exhibitions, Ariadne’s Thread presenting major philosophers or schools of philosophy, and an exhibition on Ancient Egypt. Besides talks, concerts and film projections awaited the public during two weeks in November.

In Budapest we organized programs at three localities. At the Főnix Cultural Center (6-8. Rigó str.) besides the exhibition, we held a lecture on Florence, the Spirit of the Renaissance, and demonstrating the view that the search after wisdom is thought-provoking and humorous at the same time, we organized a Stand-Up Philosophy evening. Different lecturers in 10 minutes long talks made the audience think and laugh together with teachings and examples from the past and present.

At the same time we participated with talks and a philosophical quiz game at the ELTE University program Night of Colleges (1. Pázmány Péter promenade).

At the Hunyadi Cultural Centre (29. Attila str., I. distr.) we held a talk with the representatives of different professions on the renovating and unifying effect of the application of philosophical principles on the natural and social sciences today. The evening was closed by a concert of classical music.

In Eger the exhibition was organized at the Agria Park (Vásártér, 4. Törvényház str.) and we also held two lectures, one discussing the relation of man and his natural surroundings, and the other stressing the ethical aspect of Confucius’ teachings.

In Győr we were present at the Library of Szécsenyi István University with the exhibition on Ancient Egypt and a lecture on how the question of afterlife can improve the quality of life.

At the Knights’ Hall (36. Király str.) in the picturesque city of Pécs we organized an exhibition, film projections and talks. The audience was invited to enter the world of a Hungarian poet and statesman of 17th century, Miklós Zrínyi. With his philosophical attitude to life and work, this exceptional man showed an example of confronting and solving difficulties worthy to be followed.

In Szeged, at the Concordia Cultural Centre (3. Szivárvány str.) we celebrated the Day of Philosophy with lectures and talks on the love theme. The teachings of some outstanding philosophers of antiquity, renaissance and modern times as well were evoked, like Plato, Giordano Bruno or Erich Fromm.

Helyőrségi Klub (2. Malom str.) in Székesfehérvár hosted Ariadne’s Thread exhibition for two weeks (17-30 November) as well as several other programs. Gábor Barbély, amateur actor read parts of Plato’s Defense of Socrates which inspired the public to talk of the importance of the principles in life. The next day the participants in the talk following the animated film projection The Man who Planted Trees, could likewise exchange their views on the value of the personal commitment and perseverance in action beneficent in the long term to the community at large



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