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International Day of Philosophy, 2010 in the organization of New Acropolis Hungary- summary

2011. április 7.
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International Day of Philosophy has been the initiative of Matsuura Koichiro, Director-General of UNESCO. New Acropolis Hungary has joined the movement with its programs promoting philosophical reflection since 2007. This year we have organized open events throughout the country, inviting the public to dedicate this day to analysis, questioning and search for answers concerning the challenges of our society and our future. In November 2010 more than eight hundred persons were interested in the activities organized in six towns throughout Hungary.

In Budapest we were present at two localities. At the Center of New Acropolis (6-8. Rigó str.) we held an open lecture by the title 'Philosophy as Ariadne’s Thread: a guide in the labyrinth of life'. The lecturer spoke about the importance of philosophy that is able to offer solutions to the crisis of our epoch by promoting values and courses for development. The lecture opened the exhibition by the title of 'Ariadne’s Thread', which could be visited during the following two weeks. The exhibition introduced the life and work of illustrious thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Confucius and Paracelsus. During the evening the audience could enjoy a play which staged the Greek myth of Ariadne and Theseus adapted to modern surroundings.

At another locality (29. Attila str., I. distr.) our new urban center opened its gates officially. The guests of the opening event were welcomed by a public talk, chamber music and the exhibition. The evening continued with a discussion on the actuality of philosophy and the answers it offers to contemporary problems of the world drawing from the philosophers’ teachings and examples.

In Eger we organized a full-week series of programs on the occasion of the Day of Philosophy in Agria Park (Vásártér, 4. Törvényház str. ). During the week, our course on Philosophy and Self-knowledge held an open session, furthermore the posters of the exhibition 'Ariadne's thread' were on view. One week later the exhibition was moved to Andrássy György Technical College of Economy (7. Klapka György str.), where the students could get acquainted with the philosophers presented, and their still actual topics.

In Győr we held a lecture by the title 'Soul refreshment Socrates’s way or why so many wanted to be the disciples of the Greek philosopher?' at the local center of New Acropolis (16. Babits Mihály str.) The lecture about the life principles, teachings and educational methods of Socrates was followed by quiz games and short scenes.

In Pécs we celebrated the Day of Philosophy at the South Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Centre displaying our exhibition. On the opening day of the exhibition we also presented a recently published philosophical novel, 'Ankor, the Last Prince of Atlantis'. The exhibition was on display for a week.

In Szeged, at Grand Café (18. Deák Ferenc str.), which is a popular local gathering place known by its cultural events, we presented a Chinese cinema film on Confucius, and gave a lecture on the Chinese philosophy, including the teaching on the five elements and the related virtues, as well as on Confucius's commentaries to Ji King. The whole-day program (25. November) attracted large audience.

In Székesfehérvár in Café Ribillió (1. Rózsa str.). we held a talk and the following debate upon the role of philosophy in restraining racism. The moderator stressed that at the roots of racism lies basically the ignorance of the essence, and the materialist attitude which adheres to the external aspects of things. Philosophy can play a key role in overcoming this attitude since it urges deeper investigation and corresponding action, promoting mutual respect and disinterested deeds. The event was accompanied by the exhibition, which could be seen in the Helyőrségi Klub (2. Malom str.) for a week (22-28. November).


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