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2013. április 29.
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HU: A Globális Akcióhétre új szakmai anyag jelent meg a nevelésről, valamint az Oktatást mindenkinek program oktatási egyenlőtlenségekről szóló kiadványa is elérhető online. A publikációkról és a program további híreiről további információk alább olvashatók.

EN: New policy paper on teaching released for Global Action Week and booklet on inequalities in education are available online with additional information on the news of Education for All by EFA Global Monitoring Report.


Global Monitoring Report NewsAlert:

New policy paper on teachers, flyers for the GMR 2013/14, and booklet on inequalities



New policy paper on teaching released for Global Action Week

The GMR team has prepared a policy paper on 'Addressing the crisis in early grade teaching' for Global Action Week on 'Every Child Needs a Teacher', 21-27 April.

With at least 250 million children not learning the basics, the paper shows the importance of training for teachers to ensure they equip all children with strong foundations in basic literacy and numeracy in the early grades. These issues, and others, will be discussed in more detail in the 2013/2014 GMR.


New flyers announcing the GMR 2013/14 on teaching and learning


A new flyer has been prepared to promote the GMR 2013/14. With at least 250 million children not learning the basics, the Report will show that good teachers are vital. It will examine what makes a good teacher, and how to recruit, train and retain them to bring better and equal opportunities to all children and youth, regardless of their circumstances. The full Report is due to be published towards the end of this year.

The flyers also explains that new evidence will be released in September for the UN General Assembly, demonstrating that progress in education is pivotal to the success of post-2015 priorities, including areas such as poverty eradication, health, environmental sustainability, governance and empowerment.



New booklet on inequalities in education

The EFA Global Monitoring Report has just published a new booklet featuring new data from our World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE). The booklet was released to coincide with the Learning for All Ministerial meetings in Washington.

The booklet shows that the factors keeping children out of school are different in each country, whether due to where children live, poverty, conflict and gender - and that some countries have made much greater progress than others, demonstrating what can be achieved when effective policies aimed at reaching the marginalized are backed by political commitment. It supports the GMR's view that tackling inequality needs to be a central focus of goals set after 2015.



New GMR blog posts


The GMR regularly publishes blogs drawing on its evidence-base to highlight issues of topical relevance. It also presents guest blogs, including with perspectives on post-2015 education goals. Recent blogs by the GMR team include:



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