Turizmus és kultúrtájak fenntartható szemlélettel nemzetközi konferencia – felhívás / Tourism and Cultural Landscapes: Towards A Sustainable Approach international conference – last call for papers

2016. február 3.
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HU: Az UNESCO UNITWIN “Kultúra, Turizmus, Fejlesztés” hálózat szervezésében 2016. június 12-16. között Budapesten rendezik a Turizmus és kultúrtájak fenntartható szemlélettel c. nemzetközi konferenciát, melynek felhívása és bővebb információk ITT érhetők el. A konferencia hivatalos nyelve az angol.

EN: The 4th International Conference in the framework of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network “Culture, Tourism, Development”, Tourism and Cultural Landscapes: Towards A Sustainable Approach will take place in Budapest, Hungary 12-16 June 2016. The last Call for Papers and more information is available HERE.

HU: A konferencia szervezői az Információs Társadalomért Alapítvány (INFOTA) és a Budapesti Metropolitan Főiskola, támogatók az UNESCO Magyar Nemzeti Bizottsága, az ICOMOS Hungary, IFITT és a BigFish.
Francesco Bandarin professzor, az UNESCO Világörökség Központ volt igazgatója, az UNESCO kulturális elnökhelyettese elfogadta meghívást, és mint díszvendég részt vesz a konferencián.

EN: Organizers of the conference are the Foundation for Information Society (INFOTA) and the Budapest Metropolitan University, supported by Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, ICOMOS Hungary, IFITT and BigFish.
Former WHC Director and UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture Professor Francesco Bandarin accepted the invitation, and will participate in the conference as its Honorary Guest.
Main scientific topics
1. Associative cultural landscapes - world Heritage and its changing inter-relationship between tangible and intangible
2. Landscape (social, economic, cultural and ecological approaches, sustainability and role in tourism
3. International policies and programmes, trans-boundary landscapes, the future of landscapes
4. Planning and managing landscapes including Cultural Ecosystem Services, individual and social well-being in relation to cultural tourism
5. The role of innovative technologies in landscape research, presentation, documentation, preservation
6. Awareness-raising, training and education, new tools, methods, assessment and quality objectives

Scope of the Conference is to fill these often used words like Tourism, Cultural landscapes, Sustainable Approach with contents, with actual meaning and experiences not restraining from concerns, solution ideas and best practice implementation reports. The start and the end point is Man. All human beings of our days live in a rapidly changing, globalising, technically rushing world, where we want to stay connected to our well and long-time built relations: friends, family, home, town, forests, sea and sun. It also embraces architecture, nature, traditions, arts and learning. The speed of vehicles can be used for the benefit of transportation, the opportunity to visit distant territories and what is included: architectural works, works of monumental sculpture and painting, elements or structures of an archaeological nature, inscriptions, cave dwellings and combinations of features, geological and physiographical formations, works of man or the combined works of nature and man as the World Heritage Convention says. Contact has already been established by the World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Program identifying its vision as it follows: World Heritage and tourism stakeholders share responsibility for conservation of our common cultural and natural heritage of Outstanding Universal Value and for sustainable development through appropriate tourism management. It would be an honour and benefit for all of us, if numerous participants would share their proficient knowledge about this world wide important and relevant subject.