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2013. augusztus 2.
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EN To ensure the achievement of environmental, social and economic sustainability, and the reduction of the environmental impact of companies and organizations worldwide GREENWILL provides, FOR FREE, to all companies and organizations, public and private, a green policy for environmental sustainability, guidelines for implementation and self-assessment tools.www.greenwill.org

GreenwillA policy that can easily be sustained through following several easy steps which will ensure a safe, healthy and green complied workplace.

Further infromation is available here.


An environmentally conscious mindset of all organizations across the world to act green for a sustainable future.


Encouraging all companies, organizations and individuals to adopt a green policy and implement environmental practice in all operations.


A unique, global and nonprofit initiative to provide FOR FREE to all companies, organizations and public bodies across the world an easy framework for a first step towards environmentally sustainable practices. No fees, no costs: engagement only.

Organizations get FOR FREE:

• Green Policy

• Guidelines for applying sustainable practices

• Selfassessment tools to measure results

• GREENWILL logo to promote commitment


GREENWILL is directed to all companies, private and public bodies and organizations around the world which recognize the need to respond to the sustainability challenge and are willing to drive value creation. The implementation of the GREENWILL policy will give the organizations advantages over their peers on cost reduction, reputation and opportunities to protect our only planet EARTH.

GREENWILL is being developed under the constant supervision of committed individuals, organizations and companies around the world, including Patrons and Ambassadors.

Organizations adopting GREENWILL can go through 4 simple steps:

1.The organization decides to go green and commit itself for a better world.

2.It gets a free Green Policy, free guidelines, free selfassessment tools and logo usage.

3.Registration on greenwill.org.

4.The registered organization puts its new Green Policy on the wall, assigns a responsible Green Officer and organizes a proper instruction of employees and collaborators, to convince them to support sustainable procedures and processes. The organization shares the commitment with customers and stakeholders.

The Green Officer periodically monitors the performance with selfassessment tools. He/she shares the results with employees, customers and stakeholders and asks for a constructive feedback to improve the performance.

Constant improvement of the results. The organization may recommend further improvements, set higher targets and involve more areas inside the organization itself. It contributes to the global cause and make its community proud.


GREENWILL aims to reach 100 000 users in the first year of its launch, 10 millions in the second, and finally 1 billion in its fourth year by including households (as the smallest form of organization).

The project is initially fully funded by EuCham CEE, subsequently it will be mainly sustained by donations, grants and prizes. Besides, there is the possibility that by employing the “freemium” economic model a number of entities will further contribute to the project sustainability.


24 July 2013