Literature in Flux

2011. augusztus 5.
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Literature needs to flow in order to reach readers in different cultures and create a wave of stories. With the project Literature in flux stories and words are being carried along, connecting cultural landscapes in order to create a confluence of literature and dialogue across borders

The Danube is a river in Europe that has a rich history. It is a symbol of a shared culture and history, but it has also served as a borderline between east and west during the decades of the cold war. The Danube creates a natural life line that connects the Balkans with other European countries. The project title Literature in Flux - via Danube refers to the aim to provide a temporary space on the Danube where contemporary literature from the Balkans and other countries will merge and new, long lasting partnerships will be initiated. In its second year, the project Literature in Flux - via Mare will move from the Danube to the Western Balkans with events that create a flux of literature along the coast line from the Western Balkans to Turkey.

The project Literature in Flux is under the patronage of the Austrian, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovak Commission for UNESCO. Project partners are the International Elias Canetti Society in Bulgaria, the Culture Port Cetate in Romania, the International Center for Literary Translators in Serbia, Udruga Kurs in Croatia, the Hungarian Translators' House in Hungary, the literature information center (LIC) in Slovakia, and the Alte Schmiede in Austria.
In 2012 we will continue the literary journey and organize events in Split (Croatia), Tirana (Albania) and Izmir (Turkey).

The project is supported by the European Commission.

For more information please visit the project's website.



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