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Budapest Round Table 2007

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This year the "Budapest Round Table 2007" will be held on November 27 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Organiser and host: Gilbert Fayl, European Academy of Sciences and Arts - Sponsors include Korral Partners A/S, Denmark, Pfizer, USA; Atlantis, Greece; and the Hungarian UNESCO Committee.

The subject is "Matching Skills with Needs", i.e. supply of university graduates and their employability from the industry perspective as well as problems faced by new-graduates to find jobs.

Mr. Esko Aho, former Finnish Prime Minister, will moderate.

About 35 individuals will participate from some 15 countries, including old, new and future EU Members States. (About 60 seats will be available for interested spectators.) The relevant main parties will be represented: leaders of industry, new-graduates, student organisations, employers' organisations, university rectors / professors, and senior individuals from Education and other relevant Ministries. The discussion will be recorded and the highlights presented in a DVD (30 min.).

As on previous occasions, the policy recommendations emerged from the Round Table and the DVD will be widely distributed throughout Europe, including European Commission, European Parliament, National Governments, Rector Conferences, etc.